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Our Profile
Building a reputation for superbly crafted residential properties takes time, dedication, experience and hard work. 
The team at Kings NSW have committed themselves to doing just that...
We want to be sure that every detail of your project will reflect your vision as accurately as possible. 
Bob King, our company director, brings to Kings NSW many years of experience in home construction within the Building Industry. Drawing from his builders heritage, he has been building and modifying homes throughout Sydney and the New South Wales South Coast for over 35 years.
At Kings NSW we pride ourselves on quality and service no matter the size or majesty of the project. Be it a $10,000 alteration or a $1 million dollar construction,our personal attention to detail is evident throughout each project. At Kings NSW, we never compromise on Quality or Materials.
The relationships with our clients are personal. We focus on the human dimension.
Extraordinary customer service has always made good business sense to us.
We do what is “right” for the client, even when it does not seem to be profitable, expedient or conventional.
We go the extra mile. It is our goal to provide the client with the best of custom building by working closely with homeowners and architects to help fulfill their dreams and visions.
By maintaining a small company identity we are able to limit our building activity to a designated number of projects at any one time. We are mindful not to let production capabilities outdistance the company’s ability to provide quality service at all times.

We communicate with our clients throughout the building process. We are a hands-on company that pride ourselves on our personalised service, and we enjoy developing a long-term relationship with our clients. If we are working with you, we are always accessible to you. 

We have long standing membership with the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA). 
KiNGS NSW.....We Work With You.


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